Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toast it up! Phifty big ones for Congo Bongo I!

Geez Louise?!!! Bongo is Phifty!!
Just a short post for now, with ideas formulating for longer contributions later...
But happy Birthday my great friend. What a wonderful gift this is...
It's hard to summarize what shared experiences, all piled on top of each other, all dripping with meaning, phun and insights -- mean to people who connect in ways that change their lives.
With you, the word that comes to mind first is - catalyst. That can be taken on so many levels by all the people that know and love you best....we all understand this in different ways -- but it is a noble and holy role.
I have some dang silly and deep memories to pull out later and perhaps share on this blog, about events that occurred on this day specifically -- but I think I'll think more before I splat it here just yet....Nixon Halloween masks come to mind. Yowzer!!
Lots of love from the Gulf Coast of central Florida, to you - Gabrielli and the extended village/family...and beyond (you know who you are). : ) Warmest wishes.


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