Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cosmic Memoirs xqG

Dancing & eating good food with friends, music sweet music under the stars at night, hikes up the mountains of Western MA, dancing some more, swaying a bit, late nights with the Casbah, Bliss Ball, games with the kids, magic cards & computers, Hornings & again, the Vibes multiplied, skiing & sledding, walks around the reservoir, music, countless blissful moments of love sweet love, Grandma's 100th, websites, purifying tears & tissues that never end, drop alive laughter, swimming whenever we can, naked boys at Lori's, San Fransisco & Rex, being held, that funny snore you get right when you fall asleep, timeless, now 50 in Mexico... I'm grateful for so much that we share. I'm grateful for all of what you continuously bring; in family, in love, in work & willingess.. I'm grateful for your compassionate heart and deep love of life. I'm grateful for your deep commitment to fathering and for your sweet boys - Jibben and Cerek whom you adore beyond measure. I'm grateful for your techno-weenie brain & all of the gifts it brings to us. I'm grateful that we found each other on this crazy journey of life. I'm grateful for the unplugged laughter deep into the nights. I'm grateful that you can stand tall and proud even in the face of adversity as you have so much integrity. I'm honored to share love with you, and to share my beautiful boy, Selah, with you as well. I'm grateful for your family& community and all of the wonderful ways I am in love with them as well. Here's to another 50 amazing years of life! In love & light, xoGabrielli

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