Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hoi M’Noi Bongo!

We have been phriends now phor more than 25 years. Wow...and Yikes!

While I deeply value your kind heart, strong work ethic, intelligence, gentility, deep appreciation of nature, great taste in music/art/women and, of course, your dedication as a loving father and partner, there is something beyond all of these glowing attributes that I cherish most of all:

It is those "Plinky Taunkauh moment" tears. The ones you and I have cried time and time again when laughing so hard that all we can do is gasp for more air so we can cry even more tears of laughter. And let us also pay proper tribute to the related, oh-so deliciously mysterious phorce that, upon looking at one another laughing so hard, instantly triggers yet more tear-inducing laughter. Surely there is no greater soul medicine available to us University of Mars alumni. Praise Ha!

May you keep on searchin’ phor that sound, laugh till you cry, love deeply, not work too hard and get to enjoy your children’s successes phor another phifty years.

Plinky Taunkauh Phorever!
JohnnyD aka Phun G Badillion, The Very Left Rabbi Go Go Boots of the Phurst Church of Phun

(Art work by JohnnyD and Lieve)

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