Friday, December 12, 2008

Behold! Bongo Burgeons Into New Decade Territory

…and one you will embrace with love, laughter and levity like a good Badillion and Cosmic Casbah Civilian.

How blessed we all are to have you in our orb—with your warm disposition, dead pan humor and wise intuition—You Grok!

Our friendship started at the Bongorosa in '94, and from there, we have been 'One with the Phun' and visited some inter-galactic channels only the 'track titles' could delineate.

When I think about a quintessential Michael Grabscheid moment, it was when Dan Healy was saying his "thank yous" at the Unbroken Chain symposium, and you turned to me and said "Dan Healy just called me Bongo; my two world's have just collided."

May the next 50 continue to be filled with the sweet nectar of love & happiness.
You are truly such a treasure. Lucky us that we have you; making this world, ours a little brighter.

The light in you, is the light in me ~ Wendini

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