Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ode' To Bongo My Brother

There's a man named Bongo who has two boys,
Hangin' with them is one of his many joys.
He's a father, son, uncle and to me he's a brother,
He's truly loved by all, especially Gabrielli, his significant other.
When I was little he helped take care of me,
Putting up with whining and wiping my tushee.
During his college days when I was an 8th grade geek,
He used to have me for the weekend and we partied at Deke
Those days in the past are so very clear,
I will always remember them and hold them dear.
So on your 50th birthday to the brother I adore,
Let's raise our glass and celebrate, I can't wait for fifty more.

With Love,

Your Brother David

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