Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, that's what "Bongo" looks like in Sanskrit/devanagiri, baby!

I'm still digging through old hard drives for photos of Bongo in compromised positions to share here, but I need no digging to dig my good friend and brother Bongo on this occasion marking the 50th time the sun has whirled about the globe since his birth lo, these many moons ago. Phifty! Pas mal, mes amis, pas mal. May we all shine so at the halfway mark, may we all retain our youthful optimism, ability to balance worldly needs with more lofty concerns, and keep the twinkle in our eyes as Bongolicious has shown us it can be done!

I reflect upon the Bongo-shaped hole which would gape at me wide-eyed in the absence of such a man in my life, and quickly give thanks that such a hole exists only in the imagination. Tragedy narrowly averted!

Bongo, endless days on a sandy beach with babe and boys sounds just about right for this moment. Enjoy it all, take it in, celebrate your own rich nature and all the blessings which rain down upon you. Your tribe's lives are brighter because you walk among us. Walk tall, my friend, walk in the beauty way, and walk in peace for all your days.

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